Slide LIGHTING In a society where the image is becoming more relevant, the lighting style of a vehicle brings its personality. From Malena Engineering, we developed the lighting styles that are being applied in the next vehicle models. Based on these styles, we carry out previous studies, the definition of the interior parts, the definition for a correct assembly and ergonomics, the manufacturing technologies, integration of the definitions of optics, thermal requirements and electronic definitions. The design of the product is monitored until the commissioning phase, the internal quality requirements and the customer, until the product is supplied normally.
Our presence in the lighting sector, of which Spain is a pioneer and technological leader, makes Malena Engineering one of the most recognized companies in Europe for its advances in technology and research throughout the world.
The technique of cubing allows us to define through the technique of the six universal questions (What ?, How ?, When ?, Where ?, Why ?, and Who?) The relevant elements to be able to present the idea that is working in a fast, concrete and clear way. During the cubing process we will identify the main qualities and functionalities of the product, focusing the differentiating elements that add value to the service and specifying both the activities and the resources that will be necessary that will allow us to develop the idea and implement it satisfactorily.
Within the automotive world, PowerTrain is of vital importance as it is the system in charge of generating energy and transmitting it in the form of power for the movement of self-propelled vehicles. Due to a greater awareness with the environment, this is constantly evolving, with the search for new systems that reduce pollution in a highly industrialized world. This evolution involves the development of new technologies for hybrid and electric vehicles, our commitment to a more sustainable future.
In the field of Design / Surfacing Malena Engineering offers a wide range of services that satisfy the needs of our clients from the initial idea to the final implementation of series production thanks to our experience in projects of Class A Surfaces, Technical Surfaces or Reverse Engineering among others. Our specialists, harmonizing the design and engineering, are characterized by an interdisciplinary approach and high level of precision optimizing the geometry, aesthetics and feasibility for the production in series. By applying their CAD knowledge of softwares such as ICEM Surf, Catia or Unigraphics NX we can conceive projects in the shortest time possible for our clients.
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Malena Engineering has been created by technicians who have a very long professional career of more than 30 years in the transport and mobility sector.

Contributing with his experience and his knowledge in the sector an unmatched capacity of management and development of projects that other companies could hardly reach.