Slide R+D+i Malena Engineering stands out in the engineering sector through Research & Development and Innovation, which are at the heart of the strategy of offering high added value services. This strategy enables us to bring innovative solutions to its customers’ problems. ACTIVITIES
The R & D activities are centered around four main themes:
– Research and development of new technologies and heat recovery systems in combustion engines (WHR, Waste Heat Recovery) for the automotive and aerospace industries.
– Predictive maintenance and future plant problems in the aerospace industry.
-– Electrification of land and marine vehicles including new systems and materials for the optimization of electrical harnesses
– Research and development on new sound insulation solutions applied to aircraft interiors
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Malena Engineering has been created by technicians who have a very long professional career of more than 30 years in the transport and mobility sector.

Contributing with his experience and his knowledge in the sector an unmatched capacity of management and development of projects that other companies could hardly reach.