Slide MODEL For the interior design of a railway vehicle, multiple factors must be taken into account, both the technical ones defined in the regulations themselves, and the cultural factors of the place where the vehicle is going to circulate. The sum of all of them will ensure a global satisfaction of the final customer, which is the passenger. In the developments carried out by Malena, aspects such as accessibility, lighting, comfort and ergonomics of all the components of each car or cabin are studied, as well as the correct distribution of each element taking into account the customer’s specifications. DESIGN
The objective of a model is to recreate an element in the most reliable way possible, in order to verify its functionality, ergonomics and carry out the final checks before manufacturing. Malena Engineering makes models at different scales, including 1: 1 scale of specific elements such as a cockpit console, complete cars. We use durable and moldable materials that allow simulating the final appearance and their operation.
Currently, technology allows us to recreate a scenario through virtual reality where the user enters a computer-generated environment with a real appearance. Thanks to the use of lenses and / or devices we can interact with the different real or fictitious elements. In this way, Malena Engineering creates simulators where the user is integrated into a physical space that recreates the environment. We make all the graphic content such as 3D models, textures, animations, … and it is complemented with the behavior programming of the elements creating iterations with them reflecting real situations.
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Malena Engineering has been created by technicians who have a very long professional career of more than 30 years in the transport and mobility sector.

Contributing with his experience and his knowledge in the sector an unmatched capacity of management and development of projects that other companies could hardly reach.